We are a couple, and our names are LVGE and MING.
We both love discovering new and innovative beauty brands, especially those that are independent and niche.
LVGE has over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, having previously owned a boutique store that specialized in natural and organic skincare products.
MING, on the other hand, is an innovator who excels in uncovering emerging brands.

We enjoy working together and sharing our experiences and insights.
Our goal is to provide consumers with more valuable choices and help small businesses gain more exposure and recognition in the market.
We believe that there are many fascinating stories and brands waiting for us to discover and share in the beauty industry.

As our business grew, we became increasingly interested in the world of beauty branding and marketing.
we started representing and promoting niche beauty brands,
using our knowledge of the market to help these brands gain traction and recognition among consumers.
we have a particular passion for discovering and promoting small, independent beauty brands
that are doing innovative things in terms of formulation, packaging, or branding.
we believe that these brands often offer something unique and special that cannot be found in mainstream products,
and we take pride in being able to share these hidden gems with our audience.

So, to summarize, LVGE and MING are a husband-and-wife team who are passionate about exploring and promoting unique and innovative beauty brands.
They have a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of consumers in the industry,
as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by small business owners.
With their combined expertise and love for discovering hidden gems in the market,
they aim to help consumers make informed choices and promote creativity and innovation in the beauty industry.